Meet Our Team

Elaine Schneider LVT-Lead Technician


Elaine is a Whidbey Island native who has been a licensed tech since 2015.  A skilled technician and excellent leader, she wears many hats when it comes to behind the scenes management.  Elaine loves hiking, camping, nature, reading books, growing things and living in the Pacific Northwest. When not at work she enjoys outings with her 2 beagles and hanging with her Persian kitty named Davey. 

Julie Cathey LVT-Licensed Technician


Julie Cathey has been in veterinary medicine for 19 years and counting.  Her passion for animals, dedication to the team and unparalleled work ethic make it a pleasure to have her on board. When not at work she loves working with her paint horses and riding motorcycles with her husband Mike. 

Sally Powell -Veterinary Assistant


Sally Powell has been in the veterinary industry since 2016. Her great attitude and cheerful disposition make her a huge asset to our team. She is a Skagit valley native who loves spending time in the great outdoors, and roaming the world with her dog Maizy.

Andy "Freedom Wayne" Brazle


An ultrasound training dog and technician practice volunteer. Andy is our happy cover model and loves just being included in any capacity. 

Koda "Bear" Brazle


Raised initially to be a guide dog for the blind, Koda found her real calling as an ultrasound training volunteer and Dr. Brazle's best buddy for the past 12 years. 

Lilly "Crap Weasel" Brazle


 An ultrasound training volunteer and quality control supervisor. Lilly is highly qualified in the realm of eating foreign material and other non-food items. She has provided many opportunities for Dr. Brazle to practice her skills at GI imaging.