Our Services

We currently offer mobile diagnostic abdominal ultrasounds for dogs and cats. Abdominal ultrasound evaluations can include pregnancy evaluation, general organ imaging and measurements, ultrasound guided body fluid and tissue sampling. 

Ultrasound diagnostic examples


Measure and evaluate intestinal wall layers. Screen for intestinal masses, inflammatory bowel disease, and  gastrointestinal lymphoma. 


Acquire ultrasound guided tissue aspirates (small biopsies).  Diagnostic and therapeutic body fluid sampling (cystocentesis, abdominocentesis, thoracocentesis) 


Evaluate the structure of the internal organs. Screen the abdomen for tumors. Measure the size of organs, structures or masses. 


  Pregnancy screening and due date estimation    


Screen the urinary tract and gall bladder for stones, or accumulated material.  


Imaging for foreign gastrointestinal  material

We are not currently offering liver shunt screenings or any diagnostic evaluations of the thorax.  

We do not offer echocardiography (heart ultrasounds) at this time. 


The price of our of our studies include a full radiologist interpretation and written report. These reports are provided by our friends at Northwest Veterinary Imaging.


our equipment

2018 GE Vivid iq

2018 GE Vivid iq

2018 GE Vivid iq


The GE Vivid IQ represents the highest quality imaging available in a portable ultrasound machine. 

GE Vivid iq

2018 GE Vivid iq

2018 GE Vivid iq


GE 8C probe

GE 12L probe

GE 12L probe


Our 8c probe is the workhorse of the imaging toolbox. It can image depths up to 10 centimeters and is most useful in scanning medium to large breed dogs.

GE 12L probe

GE 12L probe

GE 12L probe


The 12L linear probe excels in extremely high detail imaging at shallow depths. It is especially useful for imagining feline kidneys and intestinal wall layers.